Easy Summer season Tablescape + Marriage ceremony Planning Replace!

Almost immediately after we got engaged I started getting asked, “Where are you going to register?” I’ll admit that I actually had to Google “what is a wedding registry?” and “when do you register for a wedding?” I told you guys I’m completely clueless about all things bridal!! I’ll fill you all in on where we’re at with wedding planning a little later in the post, but first let’s chat about

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9 Issues That Have Helped My Nervousness

Within the last few years, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I have anxiety.  Here is how I’ve been helping ease the anxious mind. Honestly, I didn’t realize how bad my anxiety was until I started treating it.  It’s one of those things that you somehow live with and as it gets worse and worse that just becomes your new normal until you can’t remember what life was like before you were operating at maximum distress.  Fear was ruling my life and stopping me from doing regular, everyday things that should be a non-issue.  I was over analyzing every single thing I did or even thought about doing. Things that cause me extreme anxiety, in no particular order: driving, my email inbox, hanging out in large groups, posting to social media, plane travel, visiting the doctor, work deadlines, group chats, grocery shopping.  Things that were once joyful or mundane were suddenly a burden.  I was in a constant state of overwhelm.  It was exhausting. Once I started feeling better, I realized how much physical and mental anguish I’d been experiencing, day in and day out.  I lived with chronic neck and back pain for, gosh, at least […]

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Mark Wright’s Time On Superstar Juice Obtained A Little Bit Awkward

The former TOWIE star was presented with a special gift…

By Anna Francis From the editors of CelebsNow Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have been forced to spend a lot of time apart thanks to their busy work schedules in recent years. That probably explains why, during a recent appearance on Celebrity Juice, Mark was cheekily gifted an iPad holder complete with a sex toy attached to it to, […]

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