John Peel – 4th July 2002

That includes Nina Nastasia stay at Peel Acres.
Goldchains – Straight From Your Radio (Tigerbeat6)
Tender Lure – Oh Katrina (Fortuna Pop!)
Dom And Roland – Soundwall (Transferring Shadow)
Clinic – Come Into Our Room (Domino)
Nina Nastasia – Regrets (Stay At Peel Acres)
Stylus – The Cosmic Beekeeper (Fourth Dimension)
M’du – Awuna Plani (Epic)
The Chap – Exalarm (Lo)
The Beatings – The Jailhouse (Incredible Plastic)
Nina Nastasia – The Treehouse Music (Stay At Peel Acres)
The Shondells – Oooo Typically (Ace)
Brother Dave Gardner – Brother Dave Gardner (RCA Victor)
Bizarre Warfare – Identify Names (Domino)
Nina Nastasia – This Is What It Is (Stay At Peel Acres)
Paradox – Unnatural Causes (Bolstered)
The Sample – Nothing Of Worth (Wichita)
Rondellus – Submit Aetuernitatem [After Forever] (Beg The Bug)
The Electro Group – Line Of Sight (Omnibus)
Mark Ashley – The Velocity Of Mild (Nu Power)
Odd Nosdam – Monitor 26 (Mush)
Nina Nastasia – Deck In Vegas (Stay At Peel Acres)
The Samurai Seven – Been A Idiot (Rotator)
Duke Ellington – In A Jam
Langstreckenlaufer – Sternontragfalchen (Familystyle)
Spillsbury – Zwei Sekunden (L’Age D’or)
Nina Nastasia – All Your Life (Stay At Peel Acres)
Nina Nastasia – Too A lot Inbetween (Stay At Peel Acres)
Nina Nastasia – Ugly Face (Stay At Peel Acres)
Younger Folks – The Pier (GER)
Sick Doggy – Funk Gap (Salo)

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