Britney Joins Jimmy Fallon In ‘Ew!’ Sketch

GettyImages 627309916 - Britney Joins Jimmy Fallon In ‘Ew!’ Sketch

Britney Spears was a visitor on The Tonight Present with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday. She performed a personality on Fallon’s fashionable “Ew!” sketch. Previous friends have included Ariana Grande, John Cena, and Zac Efron.

Based on the Hollywood Reporter, Fallon performs Sara the host of the “Ew” woman’s speak present that takes place in her basement. Spears is Sara’s greatest buddy or “BFF” Abby that Sara met at sleep away camp. Spears has enjoyable taking part in alongside, all huge eye’d and smiling. Abby compliments Sara on how good she appears from having poison ivy at camp.

Abby brings Sara her “mermaid pillow” that Sara left at camp. It’s a vibrant rainbow sequin pillow that when she swipes the sequins up the colour adjustments and it spells out “Ew!”

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